BulkBarn Rebrand

Leo Burnett Design
Chief Creative Officer: Judy John
Creative Director: Lisa Greenberg
Group Creative Director: Ryan Crouchman
Designers: Ryan Crouchman, Jeff Watkins, Man Wai Wong, Dejan Djuric, Marcelo Hong

Rebranding a
big big brand.

BulkBarn is all about big. It’s Canada’s biggest (and most loved) bulk food retailer. They offer big variety, big fun, and big possibilities—it’s the only store where you can buy a wee pinch of this, or a big pound of that, whatever “that” is. We’ve updated the brand to appeal to a bigger audience, inspired by the notions of scale and abundance. Elements include a big, new logo type (so big it won’t fit on one side of the shopping bag) and super-big product photography for in–store signage. All graphic elements are paired with big, playful copy to create a bold brand with a big, big, heart.